February 16th 2020

Prayer for Today                                        

Father, as we come together in this act of worship, we come into the presence of the one who has made us, the one who comes among us in Jesus.  Touch everyone gathered here today.  Fire us all with your love and lift us out of the ordinary and the routine. May all who share this sacred time know that they have found you in Jesus


May the mind of Christ my Saviour
live in me from day to day,
by His love and power controlling
all I do and say.

This Week

Sun 16th  

10.30 am

Worship with Holy Communion led by Rev. David Coppard


11.45 am

Church Meeting – all welcome

Wed 19th 

10.15 am

Mid week service led by Rev. David Coppard

Thu  20th

10.00 am

Family Activity day

Sun  23rd   

10.30 am

Worship led by Karen Woollard and Paula Johnson

Other Information

Newsletter - Items and information for the next newsletter are NOW due please. To cover March, April and May. All contributions to Joan Jones by next Sunday 23rd.  Thanks.

Christian Aid Event– Tuesday 3rd March – Minster Church at 2.30 pm.  Kenya calling!  An event bringing together volunteers and groups working for justice in the region.  See the poster in the foyer for more information.

Christmas Shoebox collection: We are going to collect for next Christmas shoeboxes throughout the year rather than leave it all until October. This month, February, we ask that you bring along donations of HAIR ACCESSORIES, COMBS and JEWELLERY (children's). In March we will ask for Small toys, games and puzzles.  The collection box is in the foyer. Thank You.

Recycle postage stamps – The Bible Society can raise money by selling your used stamps. Please save British and foreign stamps with no more than 1 cm of envelope left around each stamp, making sure the perforations aren’t damaged.  Please give them to David Dodge.  Thank you

Action for Children – League of Light boxes. The time has come for me to collect the boxes.  I shall not be at church until Sunday 1st March and so would ask all box-holders to bring them on that date or the following Sunday.  If you have any problems handing in your box, please give me a call on 01985 214578 after 25th February and I will be happy to collect.  Barry