22nd October 2017

Prayer for Today

Holy God, as we prepare for worship we are conscious of our unworthiness and of the rush and bustle around us.  We find it hard to be quiet in your presence.  It’s as if we want to drown you out. Touch us with that healing, renewing transforming Spirit we see revealed in Jesus.  May our lives be remade by your presence.


Jesus, name above all names,

beautiful Saviour, glorious Lord;

Emmanuel, God is with us,

blessèd Redeemer, living Word.

This Week

Sun  22nd            

10.30 am

Worship led by John Williams

Mon 23rd

  9.45 am

Pumpkin Heroes  (see below)


  2.30 pm

Sewing Group

Wed 25th      

10.15 am

Mid week service led by Rev. David Coppard

Sat   28th

10.00 am

Choir Practice

Sun 29th      

10.30 am

Worship led by Rev. Graham Warmington

Dates for Your Diary:

Christmas shoeboxes: Only 3 more weeks to bring items to go in the Christmas shoeboxes and we are still short of several things if we are to pack as many as in previous years. We need especially: Note/drawing pads, underclothes (pants/knickers, socks, vests,) soap and flannels, baby items (e.g. babygros, dummies, rattles, feeding cups/dishes) sweets, toothpaste. We have a fair numbers of pencils etc. but some pencil cases would be nice.  Thank you for your support.

Pumpkin Heroes Day - Monday 23rd. There are now around 20 children registered to come to this event tomorrow. It is a fun event - with a message!  When one candle lights another the glow does not diminish - just as when we share God's love with others, we become stronger and not weaker. Starting at 9.45 the children will hear the story of Patch the Pumpkin as he discover this truth - then they will have several pumpkin/light themed craft activities to enjoy before a lunch of hot dogs and pumpkin soup. Finishing at 12.45.  

Please remember this event in your prayers. We will leave some of the pumpkins, decorations and the poster "Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin!” in the foyer windows so they will be seen on Carnival night next Saturday.


Weekly Notices
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